SmartPlay Early Learners
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The SmartPlay Mission

SmartPlay Early Learners is an early childhood education company owned by Christian Education Ministries (CEM), a not-for-profit, non-denominational, Christian Education organisation whose group mission is to develop each and every child to be equipped spiritually, academically, socially and physically to flourish into their full potential, and be a positive influence on the world around them.

SmartPlay is wholeheartedly committed to excellence in early childhood education so that children are “well known, well loved, and well taught” by dedicated trained staff.

The SmartPlay Vision

To achieve these outcomes the SmartPlay vision is to nurture, love and introduce every child to God.

The SmartPlay Values

The SmartPlay values, based on the characteristics of Jesus Christ, help our communities to function respectfully and joyfully.

  • C   - Courage (be curious and willing to try new things)
  • H    - Humility (think of others first before yourself)
  • R    - Respect (honour God, others, and yourself)
  • I     - Initiative (be proactive, take responsibility)
  • S    - Self-Control (manage your emotions and decisions)
  • T   - Trust (be trustworthy, always tell the truth)

The SmartPlay Approach

SmartPlay Early Learners work within the National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework. We provide a rich environment for young children to extend their natural curiosity and feel a sense of belonging.

All SmartPlay staff aim to provide a safe and caring environment for the children and their families, where the day includes laughter, stories, games and learning.

While focusing on school readiness, SmartPlay Early Learners enjoy literacy and numeracy sessions, art and music sessions and engage in whole school activities such as assemblies and sporting activities.

Your child will learn by doing as we provide opportunities for play-based and exploratory learning, including imaginative and creative activities. When combined with our caring Christian environment, your child is given every opportunity to thrive.

Give your child the best start and a bright future. Organise a visit to your nearest SmartPlay Centre today.