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Four Year Old

The formal Kindergarten Program commences from 6:30am within the Early Learning Centre day model and is led by a qualified early-childhood teacher.

4 Year Old Program benefits include:

  • Literacy, Numeracy, Music and Physical Activity lessons led by specialist teaching staff
  • Developing strength and mastery of social and learning milestones
  • A gentle transition into the education process
  • Increased educational and social success for children’s formal schooling
  • The development of positive relationships with children’s peers, ‘buddies’ and teachers
  • Gaining knowledge of the layout and the routines of the school
  • Affordable, accessible cost structure to support families
  • Modelling and establishing Christian values for little children in this vital stage of their lives.

4 Year Old children participate in:

  • Pre-Foundation years phonological awareness and literacy
  • Pre-Foundation development in numeracy – numbers, patterns, sorting, days of the week, months of the year, etc.
  • Gross motor skills development, e.g. ball skills, skipping, balancing and climbing
  • Fine motor skills development, e.g. writing, drawing, cutting, arts and craft
  • School Events involving singing, Bible stories, prayer
  • Performances, include singing, dance, acting, costumes and playing instruments
  • Incursions and Excursions

The children may attend classes alongside ACC primary classes and may participate in weekly School Services and performances.

Early Learning Centre

Cost: $120

Hours: 6.30am to 6.00pm

Ages: 4,5 Years

Provided: Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack, wipes, sunscreen.

Please note: This service is registered for Child Care Subsidy. All fees listed are exclusive of any government funded incentives and or Child Care Subsidy entitlements.